Have you ever pulled into your driveway and just looked at your house – like really looked? Is your lawn unkempt, siding dirty, roof streaked, and porch falling apart? It’s time to improve your home’s curb appeal, and one big way to do that is to install new siding. You won’t believe what a difference this will make to the overall look and value of your exteriors.

Here’s how new vinyl siding will revamp your property’s curb appeal.

New Color Scheme

This is the biggest and most obvious way in which siding can breathe new life into your exteriors. You don’t have to live with your old, outdated, chipped siding color any longer. It’s time to choose a whole new color scheme. You don’t just need to select an overall color. You also have to consider trim and accent colors as well.

You can even mix and match styles to really complement your home, such as traditional siding offset with shingle siding for a nice aesthetic. To get ideas for colors, look around your neighborhood and see what the common theme is. You don’t want to go too bold because it will affect the resale value. Try to stick with a neutral color and then get creative with the shutters and other accents. Improving your siding appearance will instantly boost your home’s appeal within the neighborhood.

Removes Mold and Mildew Spots

If mold and mildew spots were the bane of your existence before, you don’t have to worry about those anymore. Once those organic substances start showing up on your exteriors, they’re tough to get rid of. Once your new siding is installed, be sure to maintain it with regular cleaning each year to prevent mold and mildew from setting up shop.

No Damage

If your current siding is damaged and you’re thinking of selling your home in the near future, now’s the time to consider installing new siding. Not only will this improve the look of your home and entice prospective buyers, it will help you command a higher price for the property when putting it on the market. Tackling this expense now means more money in your pocket later. A well-maintained home is a coveted one!

No Fading

Your home is under the constant onslaught of UV rays from sunlight, which can fade and damage your siding over time. Perhaps you used to have a vibrant exterior color, but it has faded quite a bit over the last couple of decades. When you install new siding, you can reclaim the vibrancy of your exteriors, especially when you opt for the highest fade-resistant quality. Don’t assume that fading is exclusively a cosmetic issue. It also decreases the structural stability of your siding.

More Protection

New siding provides better protection and insulation for your whole home, ensuring your interior comfort and energy efficiency.

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