Winter is all but here, and with it comes snow and frigid temperatures. If you want to keep your living spaces warm and comfortable this cold season, make sure that your exterior doors are always in top form. Your reliable home improvement company, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding, explains how you can block the chill through your units:

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1. Door Material

Maintaining a cozy indoor temperature will depend on the material used for your doors in Methuen, MA. For instance, aluminum doors are lightweight and strong but are poor insulators while wooden doors are lovely and durable but high maintenance. If you want an option that can optimize the comfort of your living spaces in winter, consider your door’s energy performance. You can do this by looking up their thermal resistance or R-value. Doors with higher R-value provide greater insulation, effectively blocking out cold air while trapping warmth inside the home.

2. Glass Panes

The type of glass included in your door can also affect its performance. Most contemporary glass doors feature multiple glass layers and passive or solar control low-emissivity coatings. These collect ample solar heating energy that helps keep your home warm while maximizing its available lighting.

3. Door Design

Some door designs are more energy-efficient. Sliding glass doors, for example, can be sleek design elements, but without advanced glass, they will lose more heat than other door types. Meanwhile, hinged or swinging doors offer a much tighter seal that makes them more effective at preventing heat loss.

When looking for energy-efficient doors to combat winter, turn to Hi-Tech Windows & Siding. As your premier contractor for patio doors in Methuen, MA, we’ll make sure that our quality selection can maximize the comfort and energy efficiency of your home.

Our entry doors are made from galvanized heavy gauge steel, a safer and more secure option than wood. Its sturdy construction can also help reduce your energy costs. You might also like our excellent patio doors. These feature superior strength metal clad with durable vinyl material, making them sturdy and thermally protected. These also come with a fiberglass sliding screen that defends your interiors from harsh elements.

Learn more about how our doors can help you experience warm and comfortable interiors this winter by calling us today at (978) 206-6200.