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Here in New England, most of the focus on replacing your home’s windows with new, energy efficient windows centers around keeping your home and family warm during the winter. But did you know that today’s thermally efficient windows can also help your home stay cooler when temperatures rise during the summer?

The same thermal qualities that allow replacement windows keep the cold out and heat in during winter months can also serve to block summer’s humidity and stifling temperatures, while retaining the cool air produced by a home air conditioning system.

Think about how much work your home cooling system must do to keep indoor temperatures comfortable when the sun is blazing down in mid-July. If you are like most homeowners in Massachusetts or New Hampshire, the A/C is running constantly, using up lots of expensive electricity. That’s because the nice, cool air from inside your home is leaking out through poorly insulated windows.

Now imagine if that cool air bumps up against a Hi-Tech replacement window that significantly reduces energy transfer, keeping the coolness inside and the hot air from penetrating. Your air conditioners will not have to work as hard, the inside temperature will be more even and comfortable, and you’ll spend less on electricity every month.

That’s what you get with replacement windows that feature “Low-E” (low emissivity) glass. You can even add the option of a micro-thin layer of reflective material that blocks the sun’s UV rays to further reduce heat penetration, as well as helping to prevent fading of rugs, drapes and upholstered furniture.

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