If you’re thinking of adding new siding to your home this year, your mind may naturally go to: what kind of return on investment (ROI) can I see with this type of project? Cost vs. value can vary greatly depending on which home improvement project you’re dealing with. Here, we’ll focus on fiber cement siding in particular.

Check out the below Remodeling’s cost vs. value 2020 chart, where you will see a fiber cement siding installation in the Boston area costs $22,353, with a resale value of $17,681 and a recouped cost of 79 percent. By contrast, vinyl siding in Boston costs $18,864, with a resale value of $15,032 and recouped cost of almost 80 percent. The national average is sandwiched in between the ROI for Boston and New England.

The recouped cost of fiber cement siding is on the higher side compared with other types of home improvements. The only other higher ROI than fiber cement siding according to the chart below is manufactured stone veneer, garage door replacement, and entry door replacement. Generally, improvements that boost curb appeal and functionality of the home have the greatest ROI, and that certainly includes siding. There’s no better façade-improving project to take on than fiber cement siding!

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding

So, why choose fiber cement over other types of siding such as vinyl?

1.     Variety

Fiber cement comes in so many sizes and styles, with planks featuring wood-grained or smooth finishes. We also offer widths of four to 12 inches.

2.     Matches the Climate

Fiber cement siding does well in many climates, including hot and humid regions like New England in summer, or in cold regions as we see here during winter time. It is cold, snow and rain resistant as well as moisture resistant, which you won’t find with wood. And also unlike wood, termites can’t get through, as they are blocked by the sturdy  composition of cement and sand. Live at the beach? James Hardie fiber cement does well with salt air and high humidity.

3.     Low Maintenance

Fiber cement has very little upkeep, so you don’t have to worry about cleaning, maintaining and repairing the siding on an annual basis.

4.     Resists Fading

Fiber cement is available in many colors and designs, resisting fading which leads to an overall more vibrant appearance despite the passage of time.

5.     Property Value and Curb Appeal

Fiber cement siding boosts property value and curb appeal! You may spend a bit more on fiber cement but the investment in the long term leads to a higher quality product and a longer-lasting life. For soon-to-be sellers, keep in mind that prospective buyers are usually willing to pay more for fiber cement siding because they know the value they’re getting.

Contact Hi-Tech Window and Siding for the Best Value in New Siding

Here at Hi-Tech, we are certified to install the full line of James Hardie fiber cement siding. This factory certification gives you access to all James Hardie products and services, but also guarantees full protection in the form of the company’s 30-year product warranty. We also offer HardieZone® region-specific formulation, ColorPlus™ technology that won’t fade or flake, as well as a wide variety of trim and accessories. Contact us in Methuen today to learn how we can beautify your home with fiber cement siding.