Why Summer is the Perfect Time to Replace Your Windows

Summer is a great time of year for so many things, from backyard barbecues to beach outings. But it’s also good for home improvement projects too. Let’s explore why summer is the best time for tackling that window replacement project you’ve been wanting to do.

Energy Efficiency

With summer comes the hot temps we all love so much. But no one wants those hot temps inside their home. That’s what AC is for! Old windows have gaps and can leak energy, causing all that cool air to go right out the window. Your HVAC system has to work harder to keep your comfort levels the same, thus your energy bills start to rise. In addition, the glass on old windows just isn’t as efficient as today’s modern glass options.

Replacing your windows in summer keeps you cool all season long, plus you’ll be ready to take on the cold weather once fall and winter hit.

Storm Season

Summer is known for its violent, sudden rain, thunder and hail storms, with late summer bringing the increased chance for hurricanes. Thus, it’s a great tome to strengthen your windows and frames with features such as impact-resistant glass.


Of course, the warm weather conditions of summer make it much more pleasant to handle a window replacement project. In winter, installers have to work faster to get the new windows into their openings so as to avoid letting heat out and cold in – in addition to the fact that working in the extreme cold is just not that fun.

Summer’s warm temperatures also allow you to take full advantage of your new windows and screens, letting in the sunshine and fresh air. Plus, you can take your time this summer washing your new double hung windows, which are super easy to clean.


Caulk adheres better in the warmer weather than the extreme cold, plus it also flows more smoothly and evenly. Because some materials, such as vinyl, expand in warm weather and contract in the cold, something called “movement of the substrate” can occur. Applying caulk to windows when it’s very cold out can crack and split when those materials contract.

Property Value

If you’re planning to sell your home this summer, historically a popular time to do so, new windows will give your property value and asking price a boost. Did you know that spending $10,000 on new windows can increase your asking price by about $8,500?

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