Why Proper Ventilation is so Important For Your Roof

Your roof needs to breathe. In order to do that, it needs well designed and properly installed vents and soffits to ensure air can flow in and out. From the reducing the risk of ice dams to reducing energy costs, there are many reasons why your roof needs sufficient ventilation.

In a nutshell, ventilation is the flow of air through a system of exhaust and intake. This process only works when there is air flowing. The stack effect is when hot air rises, leading to a higher pressure at high points such as the attic. The hot air that escapes is called exhaust, but it can’t get out without access to an inlet for cooler, lower-pressure air. This cool air is known as intake.

The two main types of roof ventilation systems include exhaust vents and intake vents. The most common type of exhaust vent is a ridge vent, and they are installed – you guessed it – at the ridges. Other types include roof and gable louvers.

Why a Roof Need Ventilation

Here are 5 reasons why you need proper roof ventilation for your home.

1.     To Get Proper Attic Ventilation

Improper ventilation can result in significant moisture problems in winter and decreased energy efficiency in summer. But you don’t want too much ventilation, either, because leaks can occur. While venting is necessary, you shouldn’t unnecessarily increase how many roof penetrations you have.

Your roofing contractor in Methuen can let you know the ideal ratio of vents to square footage.

2.   To Extend Roof Life

In summer, the temperature on your roof is often double that of what’s inside the home. This, as you know, results in an overly hot attic, made worse when there is little ventilation. There’s nowhere for the heat to escape so it tends to build up, damaging your shingles and other roof components from the inside out.

3.     To Cut Back on Energy Costs

In summer, proper roof vents decrease the workload on your AC by allowing the excess heat to escape outside. This reduces your reliance on your air conditioner, which cuts energy costs.

4.     It Reduces Extreme Indoor Temperature

Extreme indoor temperature differences from one floor to the next are usually caused by poorly vented roofs. When you install proper venting, you will notice your home is more comfortable and consistent year-round.

5.     It Prevents Ice Dams

Good attic ventilation will minimize the risk of ice dams in winter. They form when warm air from the attic reaches the roof deck, melting the snow around that area. It runs down your home’s eaves, then refreezes when exterior temperatures plunge.

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