What Color Should You Choose for Your New Siding?

If it’s time for you to replace your siding, your first thought is likely: what color should I go with? Indeed, this is a big concern, as it can make or break the look and feel of your whole property. It’s important to get the right blend of siding color and trim so that they complement each other in an aesthetically-pleasing way.

Whether you select vinyl or fiber cement for the material, part of the process is factoring in the ideal color to augment your property. So how do you decide on siding color? Here are some things to think about.

Consider Architectural Style

What kind of home do you have? This will influence what color you choose. Many home types were built using a standard color palette, so use these as your foundation and build on them:

  • Victorian homes: A lot of these homes have muted and somber colors in honor of Queen Victoria who was famous for wearing black after her husband’s death and beyond.
  • Colonial homes: These usually feature a single light color such as white that’s offset by a traditional color for the door, such as black.
  • Craftsman, adobe and rustic ranches: These are usually painted in browns and warm reds.
  • Cape Cod style homes: These typically feature shades of blue and gray.
  • Contemporary homes: These are usually neutral in color, such as gray, beige, and brown.

Check Out Other Homes Around You

Take a look at the homes around you and throughout the rest of the neighborhood. If you have blue houses all around you, try going with a different color. Just don’t stick out too much. In a neighborhood of grays and beiges, you don’t want to pop out with a bright pink or yellow. This doesn’t look very good, plus it can reduce your home’s resale value.

If you live in a community governed by an HOA, always look into the restrictions that may be placed on homes in that community. Often times, you have to stick to traditional colors such as beige, gray and white.

Now drill down a bit. Focus on homes in your neighborhood with a similar architectural style as yours. What colors are they using?  You will probably notice traditional hues of gray, cream, and beige, so stay in that zone to blend in.

Avoid Trends

It’s tempting to go with the latest color trend, but try to resist. In a few short years, that color may be out of style yet you’ll be stuck with it for the life of your home. Remember, “in” colors don’t have the longevity and staying power of the classics. If you absolutely must incorporate a trendy color, save it for the accents, such as the front door or the trim.

Your Merrimack Valley siding contractor can help you make this important decision by showing you samples and color wheels to narrow down your choice.

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