Warm Up Your Home This Winter with Replacement Windows

It’s inevitable: winter’s wrath is on its way. You don’t want to head into yet another cold season in New England with drafty windows. Did you know that between 25 and 30 percent of heating and cooling energy is lost either through heat loss or gain? Installing replacement windows can save the average homeowner 33 percent annually on heating and cooling bills.

Here’s how you can warm up your home this winter with replacement windows.

New windows can…

1.     Protect You from the Weather

Most windows nowadays have energy-efficient double-pane glass, but there are other options you can add on, such as low-E coatings and argon gas to result in higher levels of better insulation and comfort.

2.     Eliminate Drafts

Drafty windows and doors are main contributors to energy loss. Energy.gov says new windows are capable of decreasing heat loss by 20 percent or more. If you’re unsure if your windows have drafts, light a candle in front of the frame and see if it flickers. If so, you have an air leak. Short-term fixes include adding caulking, film or weather stripping, but if you find yourself repeatedly applying these things, it’s time to replace the windows.

3.     Form a Weather-Tight Barrier

New windows feature sturdier, more durable frames, not to mention more advanced glass packages designed to boost four-season comfort.

4.     Bring in More Natural Light

Who doesn’t want a brighter home infused with natural light during the day? If your home is dim and you’re looking to boost your ambiance, new windows can attract more natural heat from the sun. Let the sun warm your house naturally, and maybe you won’t have to switch on your artificial heat system as much. If your old windows are ugly or drafty, you may keep them covered with drapes and blinds, which decreases natural light. Now, you can proudly display your windows while getting a mood boost from sunlight.

How Do You Know if it’s Time for New Windows?

Not sure if you should replace your windows now or if you can make it another year? Go through your home and check the state of all your windows. Then you can decide if you can just make small repairs or should replace them entirely.

  • Check seals: are they tight and fresh? Good. Are they brittle, worn or cracked? They should be replaced.
  • Inspect your window frames’ outside seals. Has water gotten in? This extra moisture could rot the wood and lead to mold growth.
  • Look for cracks in the glass. Do you see any, no matter how small? Hire a professional to take a look or install new windows.

Contact Hi-Tech Windows and Siding for Professional Window Replacement

Hi-Tech Windows and Siding is your local trusted source for all things windows. Get in touch with us today if you would like a quote and consultation on replacement windows for your home before winter hits. Contact us today at 800-851-0900 or Request a Quote online.


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