There is No “One-Size-Fits-All” When it Comes to Windows

Anyone can purchase replacement windows off the shelf at their local hardware store. In fact, many contractors will do just that when replacing windows in a home, fitting these pre-fabricated windows into a window opening any way they can. This “one-size-fits-all” method of window replacement leads to shoddy installations, poor energy efficiency, and often damages both the window and the wall in which it is installed. The only way to ensure a proper, lasting fit is to have your windows custom-fit to your home.

Precise Measurements Lead to Precise Installations

When a trained window installation specialist has precise measurements to work with, it helps to simplify the installation process. These measurements are taken before the window is created, giving the producer of the window the exact dimensions of the opening in which the window will be installed. Using those dimensions, a window is custom-crafted for the specific opening. That kind of precision leads to a longer lasting, easier to maintain window and window frame.

Replacement windows are an investment into the value and comfort of your home. If you have windows installed that have not been specifically fit to your home, there will likely be gaps between the window frame and the encompassing wall in your home. These gaps are unattractive and lead to poor energy efficiency, two factors that likely lead you to invest in window replacement to begin with. Custom-fit windows are tighter, more secure, and more energy efficient, and offer a more attractive, seamless aesthetic that will boost your home’s curb appeal.

When the time comes to replace your windows in Massachusetts, Hi-Tech is your leading source for the precise installation of windows that are custom-fit to your home.

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