The Simple Joy of a Garden Window

garden_mainimgFew styles of window can do as much for the style and comfort of your home as a box-style garden window. Wide window panels for added sunlight, additional shelf space, and an expanded view of the outdoors are just a few of the benefits this simple, clean window style will bring to your home.

Bright Light & Fresh Air

With an abundance of window panels and sleek frames, garden windows are the ideal replacement window for homeowners who want to bring more sunlight into their homes. Many homeowners install garden windows right above the kitchen sink, which helps the window to also bring much needed ventilation to that section of the house. So when you’re cooking or cleaning in the kitchen, you’ll be able to enjoy bright sunlight and fresh air through your new garden window!

Treat Your Indoor Plants to the Good Life!

Installing a garden window in your home can be like installing a mini-greenhouse, giving you a dedicated space to hold plants where they will receive plenty of nourishing sunlight year ‘round. The way a garden window is designed creates a shelf for your plants and surrounds them with wide window panels, helping to bring more sunlight into your home and directly onto your growing greens.

Quality garden replacement windows, like the ones installed by Hi-Tech, utilize energy efficient glass and frames, helping to capture just enough sunlight to benefit your home while blocking out the harmful aspects that can lead to higher energy costs.

Don’t wait until Spring to start planning your window replacement in Massachusetts! Call Hi-Tech toll free at (800) 851-0900 to find out more and to schedule a free window replacement estimate today!

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