HardieShingle® siding offers Haverhill area homeowners the look and feel of real cedar shingles with the low maintenance and high performance of advanced fiber cement.
Fiber cement is an advanced material that makes for a more durable shingle that can be shaped and textured to resemble wood.
HardieShingle is designed to mimic both the texture and look of cedar shingles, which means that homeowners who want the rich, rustic appearance of wood shingle siding, a New England classic, for their Haverhill or Andover area home can achieve that look without having to perform the constant maintenance that real wood requires.
Here is a look at the many other benefits HardieShingle siding offers local homeowners:

  • Exceptional durability HardieShingle panels are composed of fiber cement, which is cement, cellulose fibers and sand that have been compressed and steamed to form a thick, solid material. It won’t expand and contract like wood, so won’t split or crack.
  • Better protection for your home Fiber cement offers superior protection against all types of weather, including snow, ice, high winds – even hail. This is especially crucial in our area.
  • Less maintenance Cedar shingles must be stained or painted every few years to prevent them from drying out and splitting. It’s expensive and messy. You also can paint or stain HardieShingle panels to get the color or shade you want, but fiber cement holds its color up to three times longer!
  • Resistance to fire and pests Fiber cement resists fire much better than vinyl or wood, and is immune to insects and rot.
  • Lower environmental impact Because HardieShingle is not made of wood, no trees are endangered in the process of making the product. Yet it can still be recycled.
  • 30-year warranty When you turn to Hi-Tech Windows & Siding as your siding contractor in Haverhill or Andover, you’ll be fully protected.

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