What Makes Everlast Siding the Environmentally Responsible Choice?

We are all concerned about protecting our environment. And that makes Everlast Siding from Hi Tech Windows & Siding an even smarter choice when it comes to siding your home. Here’s why:

  • ◉ Everlast Siding is manufactured using significantly less energy that siding options like fiber cement
  • ◉ Everlast Siding does not deplete natural forestry resources like wood and engineered wood siding
  • ◉ With Everlast Siding you will never need to apply paint or stain which can contain solvents and harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • ◉ Everlast Siding is 100% recyclable

What’s more, a high density siding material like Everlast can help block chilly drafts, helping to reduce your home’s energy consumption by making it easier to regulate interior temperatures. This can result in lower costs for heating and cooling, and a reduction in your home’s overall environmental impact.

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