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Having your roof installed, rebuilt, or repaired can be quite the task. Finding the right contractor is the first and most important step. When you’re looking for the right contractor for you, you’ll most likely have some questions about the roofing process. At Hi-Tech Windows & Siding we’ve put together a list of questions that our clients often ask us, and we believe that the quality of our work makes us your best choice for roofing and siding in Haverhill or Andover.

My roof leaks. Do I need to have it totally replaced?
Leaking can result when some flashings have come loose or a section of the roof has been damaged. This damage can often be repaired. But if they are not quickly attended to then you may experience addition damage which could require a full replacement. Call us today for a roof inspection and repair estimate.

How will I know when I need a new roof?
By performing a visual inspection you can tell if a roof is worn, peeling, cracked, old and most obviously leaking. If leaking is occurring but not yet noticeable, the appearance of stains on your interior walls is a clear indicator of severe roof damage. Often an older roof can be “refreshed” and gain a few more years of service. But if the roof has been extensively damaged or has simply reached the end of its useful life, we’ll be happy to provide an estimate for replacement.

Can I install a new roof over the existing roof?
In many cases the answer is yes! There is always the possibility when installing a new roof over the existing roof, that the old roof may carry an uneven look into the new roof, but our staff knows the difference between a roof that needs to be removed and a roof that can stay in place while a new roof is installed over it.

What roof will work best for my home?
Every home is different, which is why the experienced design team at Hi-Tech Windows & Siding works closely with each homeowner to choose the right type of roofing system for your home.

If you have more questions for our expert staff, do not hesitate to call us and ask. Our commitment to customer service is what makes Hi-Tech Windows & Siding a leading choice for roofing & siding contractors in Haverhill.

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