New Windows Now, Lower Heating Costs Later


bigstock-road-to-homeownership-356030The Department of Energy Resources estimates that the average cost of heating your home during this year’s winter in Massachusetts will range from $697 to $2,569, depending on your method of heating. The DOE also estimates that a typical home loses more than 25% of its energy through inefficient windows.

If your windows are past their prime, those numbers will only climb. Older windows allow for heat to more easily escape from your home. Warped or cracked frames and poorly insulated glass both cause your heating system to work harder and harder and your heating costs to rise, as do windows that are difficult to open and close.

Advanced Materials Will Save You More

New replacement windows are produced in such a way to ensure thermal performance, utilizing materials like durable vinyl frames and sashes and double- or triple-pane thermal glass. Many also feature weather-tight seals to reduce energy transfer between your home and the elements outside. When you install new, more advanced replacement windows in your home, no longer will you have to worry about costly temperature fluctuations in your home. You can save as much as 33% every month on your utility bills thanks to more even interior temps.

When choosing new replacement windows in Massachusetts, the first thing to look for is an EnergyStar rating. EnergyStar rated windows undergo intense scrutiny to ensure that they will help homeowners to save money on energy bills once installed.

You should also look for the label from the National Fenestration Research Council (NFRC) on any window you are considering. The NFRC is an independent laboratory that conducts extensive testing on replacement windows and doors to measure energy saving performance. If you see a window without an NFRC label, it is highly unlikely that it will deliver adequate energy efficiency.

Don’t go through another winter in New England with poorly functioning windows and high heating costs. Turn to Hi-Tech, your leading source for durable, energy efficient replacement windows in Massachusetts, now, and get out ahead of Mother Nature. Call us toll free at (800) 851-0900 to find out more or for a free window replacement estimate.

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