Making Your Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient This Fall

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As we face the cooler temperatures of fall, it’s important to start thinking now about how you can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Who doesn’t want to save money on energy bills or walk around their home in comfort instead of bundling up? Here are some tips for increased comfort and savings this fall.

Update Your Windows

If you have drafty windows and your wallet is suffering due to higher and higher energy bills each winter, it’s time to install new ones. Did you know that installing high-quality replacement windows can save you up to 33% annually on heating and cooling bills? That could add up to savings of several hundred dollars each year!

Window replacement now while winter has yet to arrive will make it easier to:

  • Get extra protection from the weather, thanks to energy-efficient double-pane glass, low-E coatings and argon gas for excellent insulation and comfort.
  • Remove drafts from old windows and doors – the top cause of energy loss.
  • Add weather-tight barriers in the form of sturdier frames and more advanced glass packages.
  • Get more natural light in your home, which cuts back on the amount of times you have to turn on your artificial heat in cool weather.

Address Your Roof Issues

Now’s the time to get your roof looked at before you head through another winter with ice dams. These are dangerous blocks of ice or thick sheets of ice that hang over the eaves of your house. After all the snow melts, the resulting water runs down the side of your roof and freezes again at the edges.

Ice dams are telling you that you have insufficient insulation and venting in your roof. Moisture can be seeping under your shingles and getting into the roof then down into the soffits, walls and ceilings. You can prevent ice dams by:

  • Adding insulation (between 12 and 14 inches of fiberglass or cellulose insulation is a good rule of thumb).
  • Adding more vents, as they draw in cold air and send out warmer air during winter, thereby naturally keeping your attic cool (essential for preventing ice dams)
  • Closing attic bypasses that can cause one-third of heat loss occurring through the ceiling and up into the attic. Leaks can occur at unblocked walls, drywall gaps, and cracks around chimneys, light fixtures, pipes, and access hatches. Hire a professional to fill those gaps with foam or caulk.

Get Your Home Sided

If you’ve been waiting to get siding for your house, now’s the time to do it. Because walls account for up to 35 percent of energy loss in the typical home, even more so than the roof, doors and windows, it makes sense that you would start with siding when looking to be more energy efficient.

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