Install New Windows Before Winter Arrives

With fall right around the corner and winter right on its heels, now’s the time to start thinking about replacing your windows before the cold weather sets in.

Check out the many ways in which new windows now will keep your home warmer and more comfortable later.

Gain Extra Protection from the Weather

Most windows boast energy-efficient double-pane glass, but you can also add on things such as low-E coatings and argon gas for better comfort and insulation.

Keep Drafts at Bay

Drafty windows and doors are the main cause of energy loss. says new windows cut back on heat loss by 20%. If you suspect your window has a draft, light a candle and hold it in front of the frame. Does it flicker? You have a leak.

Don’t waste time using caulking, film or weather stripping if you have to keep doing it every year. This means there’s a breakdown in the window or frame and you need a new one.

Create Weather-Tight Barrier

New windows blend sturdy frames and advanced glass packages so you are more comfortable throughout the seasons.

Enjoy More Natural Light

Get a brighter home flooded with natural light, meaning you can use that to your advantage instead of having the heat on all the time. If your old windows are hiding behind drapes and blinds because they are ugly or cause drafts, now you can display new windows with pride.

Troubleshooting Guide

As you face the severity of another brutally cold winter here in New England, you have to make sure your home is protected – beginning with the most vulnerable points of entry: windows. These are common areas for cold air to seep in and rob your home of heat.

Heat is a costly commodity, and to lose a big chunk of it through your windows can result in lost energy bill savings and comfort. Keep these factors in mind as you inspect your windows this winter and determine if maybe you need a whole new set.


Make sure seals are tight and fresh. If they are brittle, cracked or worn, have them replaced by a professional.

Gaps Around Frames

This is where cold air gets in. Inspect the outside seal around the window frames to make sure water isn’t getting in. Too much moisture can rot out your wood windows and cause mold to grow.


Look for cracks in the glass. If you find them, hire a professional to repair them or install new ones. What kind of window crack do you have?

  • Impact cracks (think: flying rock or high-speed ball) which features a center point of impact with lines around the circumference.
  • Stress cracks. These start off small near the edge of the window and spread across the glass over time thanks to extreme temperature fluctuations or by frequently-slammed windows and doors.
  • Pressure cracks in insulated glass or double-paned windows, caused by extreme temperature changes or when windows have been installed at the incorrect elevation level.

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