How a Soffit System Benefits Your Roof

Soffit systems are integral parts of roofs, as they protect both your roof and walls as well as add beauty to your home. They form the underbelly of your eaves or gables, which is the space spanning between the wall of your home and the edge of your roof. You may not have a soffit system in place right now – in fact, not all houses have them. Vinyl or aluminum panels cover the soffit and surrounding structures.

Here are some ways in which a soffit system benefits your roof.

Roof Protection

The soffit system is the first line of defense for your roof, protecting the underlying rafters from extreme weather. If you don’t have a soffit, the rafters will get wet, which breeds mold and eventually leads to rot. A soffit system comprises a (usually) vinyl panel that spans from the roof’s edge to the wall, as well as a soffit joist and fascia board (side and front of the overhang).


A soffit system brings the whole look of your home together, adding beauty from all angles. Looking straight at your home from the street, you may not see the ugly undersides of your eaves but if you view it up close and from the side, you will see the edges of the boards, shingles, and beams. A soffit system will hide those functional areas from common view, increasing the curb appeal of your property.

Less Maintenance

Moisture can lead to the need for premature replacement of your roof and surrounding structures, as wood rots over time with exposure to moisture. Roof rafter replacement is not cheap! With a soffit system in place, you don’t have to do as much maintenance and you won’t be faced with expensive repairs. Without one, you have to regularly inspect the edges and overhangs and make any repairs to the rafters due to water infiltration. You also have to check that the shingles are in place and not curling, which can happen with wind and rain. You don’t have to do any of these tasks if you have a soffit system in place.

Higher Resale Value

Savvy homebuyers, their real estate agents and home inspectors will check the roofing and siding very carefully. If they don’t see a soffit system, they may be advised to either pass over the house or offer less money. With a soffit system in place, though, you can boost your home’s resale value and look better in the eyes of buyers.

In the end, soffit systems pose many benefits to your roofing system and home in general.

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