How to Choose the Perfect Siding Color for Your Home

Deciding on which color your house will be is a tough one. After all, because siding lasts forever, the choice you make now will be with you for many years to come. Whether you choose fiber cement or vinyl, there will come a time when you have to settle on the perfect color to augment … Continued

Why Vinyl Siding May Be the Best Choice For Your Home

When considering which type of siding to go with, you may be looking at many types and styles, from fiber cement to vinyl. But in many ways, insulated vinyl stands out from the rest due to its many versatile benefits. Let’s take a look at why vinyl siding may be the best choice for your … Continued

4 Reasons to Replace Your Windows and Siding Together

If you need new windows and know your siding will be coming up on the end of its useful life soon too, or vice versa, there are any advantages to combining both projects and tackling them at once. From hiring a single contractor and ensuring a more efficient process to incorporating compatible styles and saving … Continued

Cost vs. Value: Fiber Cement Siding

If you’re thinking of adding new siding to your home this year, your mind may naturally go to: what kind of return on investment (ROI) can I see with this type of project? Cost vs. value can vary greatly depending on which home improvement project you’re dealing with. Here, we’ll focus on fiber cement siding … Continued

Why Replace Your Wood Siding?

There’s no denying the beauty and appeal of natural wood exterior siding. But it also comes with a large amount of responsibility, as wood will degrade over time if not properly cared for. If you still have wood siding on your home and it’s peeling and rotting, you may be wondering if it’s time to … Continued

Choosing Your Siding Colors

When considering siding for your home, your first thought is likely: what color should I get? It’s not an easy decision. After all, this is a lifetime choice you will have to live with. But with the proper research, you can settle on the correct siding color for your home and neighborhood. Here are some … Continued

5 Questions to Ask Your Roofing and Siding Contractor

Before hiring a roofing and siding contractor to work on your home, there are certain questions you should always ask. This will give you insight into their experience, character, reputation and skill level.  1.    What is your full company name and physical address? Get the company’s full name and address. If they have a P.O. … Continued

4 Signs You Need New Siding

From aesthetics to high energy bills, there are many reasons why you may want to replace your home’s existing siding. Here are four signs you need new siding: 1.     Run-Down Appearance Is your house looking tired and haggard lately? You don’t need a fancy new addition or pricey landscaping. Your home may just need a … Continued

Why New Siding is a Good Investment

Thinking of getting siding for your home? It’s a wise decision, especially from a financial standpoint. Remodeling Magazine’s annual “Cost vs. Value” study for 2019 shows replacing your siding returns more than 88 percent of your cost in improved home value for New England homes, among the highest return on investment for any remodeling project. … Continued

Benefits of Fiber Cement Siding vs. Vinyl Siding

While you can’t go wrong installing either type of siding, fiber cement holds certain advantages over vinyl that make it a better choice. Since fiber cement is comprised of cement-like materials and wood fibers, it is stronger than vinyl and less susceptible to wind or weather damage. It also won’t burn, melt or warp with … Continued

4 Signs You Need New Siding

Your siding encounters a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, from heat and cold to impact from blown objects and more. Over time, your siding’s role in protecting your home could be compromised, especially if you never perform any preventive maintenance. Your siding should be water resistant, provide insulation, and add curb … Continued

Siding Maintenance Tips

Maintaining your siding doesn’t take a lot of work but there are some things you should do to keep it looking and functioning great. This will ensure a long-lasting life span for your home, keep costly repairs at bay and keep your annual upkeep tasks to a minimum. Without regular maintenance, your siding won’t look … Continued

5 Signs You Need New Siding

If your house has been looking a little tired lately, it could need a facelift. New siding is the perfect solution to restore the former glory of your home. Peeling paint…fading…chipping…rot…you may experience all of these things with your old siding. If it’s time for a makeover, siding is a great home improvement project that … Continued

Why James Hardie Fiber Cement is the Next Generation in Siding

Choosing the right siding for your home should take into account anything from good looks and affordability to durability and low maintenance. If you take a look at vinyl, wood, stucco or even brick, you may get a couple out of those four but not all. However, consider fiber cement, which meets all qualifications mentioned … Continued

Making the Right Choice for Your New Siding

If you’re tired of your old, peeling siding that you have to paint every few years at great expense, it’s time to consider overhauling your home and adding a more durable and long-lasting option. From vinyl and wood clapboard to cedar shakes and fiber cement, you have many options when it comes to siding. Let’s … Continued