Summer is the Best Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Your roof has survived another long Fall and Winter in New England, but do you know if it has escaped unscathed? Having your roof inspected by a certified professional this Summer is the best way to uncover any glaring issues that could become more serious when the colder months return. These are some common issues … Continued

Why Attic Ventilation is Critical for the Health of Your Roof

Many homes have attics that are stuffy and hot, sometimes crammed with storage boxes and other items that are no longer needed. But a crowded, overheated attic is a recipe for disaster. Here are three reasons why. Attics that are poorly insulated – or not insulated at all – act like a magnet to draw … Continued

Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

The last few piles of snow have melted and the flowers have started to poke their heads out of the ground, which means Spring has hit New England. As you look around your yard and assess the state of your property, don’t forget to look up! Your roof plays a valuable part in the comfort … Continued

How a Cold Roof Can Prevent Ice Dams

Homeowners who think ice dams are an unavoidable part of living in New England should think again. Clogged gutters and dripping icicles are not good for the health of your home, as they can force melting snow and ice back up under the edge of your roof and into your home, where significant damage can … Continued

5 Things to Remember When Replacing Your Roof

You probably do not give much thought to your roof. It is just “there,” protecting your home and family from the elements – rain, snow, ice, sun, wind. But no roof lasts forever, and the time will come when you need to replace the roof that has served you so well. Here are 5 tips … Continued

Things to Do Now to Prevent Ice Dams This Winter

  Ice dams form when snow piles up on your roof and begins to melt from heat that radiates from your attic. This melting snow runs down towards the edges of your roof, where the temperature drops and the water freezes again. That frozen water builds up and forms ice dams. There are a few … Continued

Prepare Your Roof for the Coming Winter

It is never too early to start preparing your home for winter, especially after the kind of winters we’ve been experiencing in New England. Here are some helpful tips for preparing your roof to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it this winter. Insulate Your Attic In the colder winter months, the inside … Continued

Baby, the Rain Must Fall!

April showers are a part of life here in New England. But that does not mean that a homeowner has to suffer through leaks, drips and sagging gutters every time the skies open up. Spring rains are great for flowers and lawns, but can also expose damage that has been done to your roofing system … Continued

How Has the Winter Treated Your Roof?

While this winter has been far kinder to New England than last year’s historic weather cataclysm, your home’s structural systems have still been subjected to plenty of stress from cold, snow, ice and wind. With a return to warm spring weather just a few weeks away, now is a good time to assess any damage … Continued

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