How to Save Money on Roofing

Having a roof over your head is a basic need. If you are frugal, like so many of us, these tips should help you get home roofing repairs or a new roof installation at the best possible price and time. Schedule a Regular Roof Inspection – Many common residential roof repairs are as simple as … Continued

A Hi-Tech Deck: All the Comforts of Home

Your standard, traditional deck is fairly straightforward. It’s a platform, generally attached to the home, that may have handrails and steps leading up to it. Simple stuff. But there’s nothing simple about a Hi-Tech deck! The latest innovation in deck design, a Hi-Tech deck offers a number of options that your standard deck cannot. These … Continued

Why is Fiber Cement the Fastest Growing Siding Choice in America?

It’s no secret that new siding offers tremendous benefits for any home. Enhancing the look of your home, improving energy efficiency, and reducing maintenance needs are just three reasons to wrap your home in new siding. But once you make the decision to invest in a siding project you will face an important question: Which … Continued

Remodeling Projects that Pay You Back

Every homeowner wants to protect and enhance the value of their home. The best way to ensure that your home will retain its value – and even grow in value – over the years is to invest in projects to maintain and improve the property. But which type of home remodeling projects offer the best … Continued

How Has the Winter Treated Your Roof?

While this winter has been far kinder to New England than last year’s historic weather cataclysm, your home’s structural systems have still been subjected to plenty of stress from cold, snow, ice and wind. With a return to warm spring weather just a few weeks away, now is a good time to assess any damage … Continued

Make Plans for a Spring Deck Project Now

One of the many advantages of living in New England is enjoying the fresh air and sunshine of the great outdoors. That’s especially true in the Merrimack Valley region, where the views can be spectacular and the weather cooperates from April through October. And there’s no better place to get the most from outdoor living … Continued

Can I Replace My Windows During the Winter?

Now that we are in the depths of winter you might expect that our crack team of window installers here at Hi-Tech are sitting around waiting for the Spring thaw. But you’d be mistaken. First of all, our window guys are not the type to sit around. They are active, high energy people who are … Continued