Hint: think spring!

If you’ve been thinking about replacing your roof, you may also be wondering when you should have it done. Is there a season that’s better than others for a project of this magnitude? Yes, and it’s spring. Fittingly, it’s a time for new beginnings. Starting the warm season off with a new roof will add value, comfort, durability, energy efficiency and beauty to your property.

Here’s why spring is a great time for a roof replacement.

1.     The Weather is Ideal

Winter brings the threat of cold and snow, while summer is too humid. Spring is a happy medium that brings mild weather that’s not too hot and not too cold, keeping weather delays to a minimum. By extension, this is a reason why fall would be a good time for roof replacement too.

In spring, you don’t have to worry about the high humidity levels of summer, which can result in moisture damage to roofing systems. You still get warm days in spring, which helps to seal asphalt shingles to the new roof. You can’t say the same for cold winter weather.

2.     Contractors Have Open Schedules

You will have more availability of contractors to pick from in the spring. If you wait to call a roofer till summer, you will be waiting in line with many other customers and won’t have an ideal selection of times. Because it’s a slower season for roofers, spring brings more opportunity for availability by reputable contractors, which means your project will get completed more quickly.

3.     Rates are More Affordable

Again, because spring tends to be slower for roofers, they are more likely to cut you a deal. Roofing is a highly competitive market, and with gaps in their schedules, roofers may be eager to pass on savings to you to get you to book with them. If you drag your feet and wait till busy season (summer), you will likely pay full price.

This is because roofing suppliers elevate their prices at the start of the peak season, which is why roofing contractor rates rise accordingly at the same time, all the way through fall.

Of course, the best time to replace your roof is when it’s best for you. As a homeowner, you can’t always choose which projects to complete when. Sometimes there’s a big leak that puts a new roof at the forefront. Or maybe you have an unexpected car repair bill that will put off a new roof till the fall. Maybe you won’t get your big promotion till the holidays, which means you will have the cash on hand to tackle a winter roof replacement. Whatever the case, you don’t always have control over home improvement projects. But when you do, think spring!

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