Seasonal upgrades are an effective way to not only transform your home’s exterior but add property value and energy efficiency as well. From new siding and roofing to decks and windows, there’s no better season in which to tackle these home improvements than late spring. The weather is mild, contractors aren’t too slammed yet, and you can have everything done in time to enjoy your new features this summer.

So if it’s high time that you updated your home’s exterior, now’s the time to make some changes. Here are some great seasonal improvements you can do this spring.

1.         Vinyl Siding

Vinyl siding is definitely the most popular option on American homes today, and for good reason. Not only is it affordable, it complements all styles of homes. It also happens to be easy to install, comes in many textures and colors, and is quite resilient and durable. This is a low-maintenance siding option that is perfect for a home improvement project in spring, as the job can go quite quickly since weather isn’t as much of a factor as in other months.

In addition to vinyl siding, there are many other options when it comes to siding, as well, such as insulated vinyl, James Hardie fiber cement, and cedar shake.

2.         Decks

Getting a new deck installed in late spring means you can be sitting, relaxing, and entertaining on it by summer. On top of offering better function for pool parties and barbecues, adding a deck (whether composite or wood) can boost the look of your exteriors. If you already have an existing deck but it’s looking worn, consider a composite flooring update, along with vinyl railings and built-in seating for increased safety and outdoor enjoyment. You may even want to expand an existing deck and add on to it for more livable space.

3.         Windows

Replacing your windows now will prepare your home for upcoming summer temperature extremes. Instead of inconsistent temperatures throughout your house or condensation on the windows, you’ll enjoy clear views, better operation, better energy efficiency, and of course a facelift to the exterior.

4.         Roof

Late spring is the best time to install a new roof, as you don’t have to contend with the bitter cold of winter, the torrential rains of early spring, or the heat and humidity of summer. These ideal conditions can reduce the risk of moisture damage, plus it’s a more pleasant working environment for roofers and they will likely move quickly along with few interruptions.

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