Many people are becoming more conscious of the amount of energy they consume in their homes. That is why many companies are manufacturing products that can help homeowners save more on their energy bills. A good example of this would be vinyl siding or insulated siding.


Let Hi-Tech Windows and Siding Installations, Inc. talk about how you can conserve energy with help from vinyl siding.

What is Insulated Siding?

Insulated siding or vinyl siding come with firm foam insulation attached to the panel. This feature helps improve your home’s energy efficiency. Installing insulated vinyl siding in Andover, MA will also help you get points in leading green building certification programs. Their ability to lessen thermal bridging makes them part of the checklist for building products or methodologies that can help certify your home as an ENERGY STAR® structure.

How Can Insulated Siding Help You Save On Energy Bills?

Insulated vinyl siding helps keep your home cool by breaking the “thermal bridge” between your home’s studs and outer layer. Thermal bridging happens when materials that have poor insulation make contact with each other, allowing heat to flow through them. By installing insulated siding, you can increase your home’s total R-value, which measures thermal resistance.

Our Insulated Vinyl Siding

We provide insulated siding in Andover, MA that can help you save on energy bills. They feature rigid and durable vinyl material that can reduce heat that builds up in your home. They go with an insulating material inside a vinyl exterior that can help make your home cozier. This will keep you from relying too much on your HVAC units, leading to more energy savings.

Aside from these qualities, our product comes in an array of colors and finishes that will match your home. They do not need repaint and will not crack or rot. You only need mild soap and water to clean them, making them a low-maintenance option. In addition, they come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty that will grant you peace of mind knowing that you have coverage from product defects and poor installation for many years.

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