Has it been five years already? Your house is looking unkempt and drab, with peeling, fading  paint — again! It’s time to haul out the paint and brushes and spend a week tackling this project, or shelling out thousands for a pro to do it – or is it? There’s a better way, and it doesn’t involve painting every few years to keep your house looking beautiful and giving it the protection it deserves.

If you decide to side your home in vinyl or fiber cement, you can enjoy a long life of maintenance-free, paint-free, scrape-free home ownership.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both painting and siding.


Paint is versatile, in that it can transform the look and feel of your home whenever you want to. You don’t have to stick with one color for life. If you decide that you want to switch up the color of your home and shutters, you can do so very easily.

But painting is a big undertaking. It takes a lot of time, and involves a lot of prep work, from scraping off all the chipped paint and washing the exteriors to priming and buying the paint and supplies. If you decide to do it yourself, you have to invest in ladders and other equipment, as well. The time commitment this takes as a DIY task is major. Plan on giving up the next few weekends of your life.

If you decide to hire a professional, the time commitment is eliminated but you will spend a lot of money every five to 10 years on professional paint application. Labor and supplies are not cheap!

Still, it’s cheaper than installing vinyl or fiber cement siding. But you do have to consider that painting is a recurring cost that will have to be considered over the lifetime of the home.

When painting, you have access to a wider range of color combinations, providing you with a truly customized look.

Siding: Vinyl or Fiber Cement

There are many benefits of replacing your old wood siding with vinyl or fiber cement, not the least of which is a lifetime of service from one product. Yes, you will spend more initially on the siding, but when you consider that you never have to spend money on painting again, the cost is well worth it.

There is little to no maintenance on siding, except perhaps a power wash every couple of years. Your siding won’t fade with the sun over time, as paint can. The end result of vinyl or fiber cement is professionalism personified, as the clean, angled lines of siding offer a streamlined, clean cut and expert look for your property.

You have a choice of style, from scalloped to cedar shakes, which add character and charm for an instant boost in curb appeal. The only downside is, once you make a choice in style and color, that’s it – there’s no going back.

Your vinyl siding will last much longer than paint. Whereas you will have to paint every five to 10 years, your vinyl siding can last upwards of 25 years to a lifetime with proper upkeep. Installing siding also provides you with an opportunity to add an underlayment, which increases your insulation value and energy savings – something a few gallons of paint can never do.

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