image 1Winter will soon descend upon New England, which means it’s time to start thinking about how you’ll keep your home comfortable without breaking the bank. When your furnace kicks on in the winter your home heats up and you feel nice and cozy – for a little while. But eventually the warmth goes away and your furnace has to start up again, a cycle that, if continued, can rack up a hefty energy bill at the end of each month. Where does all that warm air that you pay for go?

Almost half of it escapes through your walls and ceilings. According to the National Society of Heating and Ventilation Engineers, about 44% of the energy generated to heat or cool your home is lost through walls and ceilings that are inadequately insulated.

A poorly insulated attic not only leads to higher energy costs, but it also can lead to constant temperature fluctuations that can be very uncomfortable for your family. Proper attic insulation saves you money year after year, over time helping to pay for itself in lower heating and cooling costs.

Truly effective insulation fills every gap and crack in your attic, providing an effective layer between your home and the cold. It can also prevent temperature fluctuations, which are the leading cause of ice dams.

With the colder winter months creeping towards us, now is the time to properly insulate your home. Insulating in the Fall will ensure that your home will be ready for the chill-inducing winds and falling temperatures ahead. And when you turn to an expert in attic insulation in Massachusetts like HiTech, you’ll save on your energy bills year ‘round.

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