image 1Living in New England it is easy to lose track of time during the winter months. Day after day of cold, dreary weather keeps us cooped up inside, longing for Spring. But before you know it, Spring will arrive which makes now the time to plan for your Spring home improvements! While you’re stuck inside waiting for better weather, take some time to think about your home and the ways in which it can be improved- both inside and out.

Think Big!

Start your planning with the big picture. Which large aspects of your home can or need to be improved? Ask questions like-

  • How long has it been since your roof was installed? Is it still doing its job? Are their repairs that could help extend its service life a few extra years?
  • How is your siding holding up? Do you still like the color? Is it still the best look for your home?
  • Are your windows old and outdated? Do any of them stick or rattle in the wind? Are you noticing higher energy bills?

These big picture aspects of your home are all projects that can be undertaken in the Spring. They are especially important if we’re hit with another hard Winter, which takes a toll on your home’s exterior “envelope.” Replacing your roof to add protection against the elements, installing new siding to refresh the look and feel of your home, and replacing windows to increase energy efficiency are three great ways to start the Spring and to improve the value of your home.

Plan for a Successful Project

Planning home improvements can quickly become overwhelming. There are so many options when it comes to material, style, and a dozen other factors that the average homeowner might not be able to wrap their head around. That’s where the expert, professional design consultants at Hi-Tech Windows & Siding can help. We’ll work with you to plan your Spring home improvements and ensure that the plans are successfully implemented when the warm weather returns.

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