Remodeling the exterior of your house will add both monetary and aesthetic value to your property. From peeling paint to drooping gutters, the outside of your home may be in need of a makeover. Now’s a great time to start planning such a project. Let’s take a look at the four main signs that you need exterior remodeling.

1.    Peeling or Fading Paint

Exterior paint only has a lifespan of a few years. After that time, it starts to fade and peel. This is a surefire sign you need to re-paint or, better yet, install siding for a longer lasting solution. You have many options available to you, from cedar shake and insulated vinyl to fiber cement and clapboard. You’ll pay a little more for siding than you would to re-paint, but you’ll never have to worry about painting ever again. That’s a great return on investment – a no-brainer!

2.    Windows That Stick or Have Rotting Frames

If your windows don’t open and close easily because they are prone to sticking, this is a sign you should have them replaced. This is a functionality issue, but more importantly, it’s a safety issue. Rotting frames will allow moisture to get into the home, plus, rotted windows show signs of decay. This can come from moisture, bugs, mold and more – none of it is good for your exterior. With replacement windows, you can ensure a tight seal, energy-efficient glass and easy functionality that allows you to clean, open and close with ease.

3.    Drooping Gutters

Gutters that sag or droop pose a safety threat to those on the ground as well as to the integrity of your home and roof. Drooping gutters probably got that way from all the debris, water and leaves that have been clogging them for years. As your gutters become heavier with debris, they start to sag and pull away from the home, causing stress on your siding and roof. Replace your gutters and you’ll notice an improvement in curb appeal, as well as proper water run-off away from your foundation. If the damage is extensive, you may have to also replace or repair your roof.

4.    Missing or Loose Roof Shingles

Asphalt shingles tend to fall off here and there over the years, due to factors such as the extreme heat from the sun. But when you keep noticing the same shingles that have fallen off or gone missing, you may have a greater problem on your hands, stemming possibly from shoddy workmanship from the previous roofers or the use of sub-par materials. Here at Hi-Tech, we know homes in New England take a beating, which is why we only use advanced materials to ensure strength, weatherability, and longevity.

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