The Best Home Improvement Investments in 2015

Part of owning a home is performing maintenance and making improvements to protect and preserve its value, as well as making sure your home is comfortable and attractive. But home improvements come with a cost and we all want to be sure we are making a smart investment.

That’s one reason why Remodeling magazine, a national construction industry publication, conducts an annual “cost vs. value” study that examines which home improvement projects offer the best “return on investment.” They measure return on investment by examining the overall value of a home before the home improvement against the value after the completion of the project.

Here are the Top Ten best home improvement values for 2015 according to Remodeling’s latest study. These values are for homes in the six-state New England region.

1. Entry Door Replacement (steel) 92.5%
2. Manufactured Stone Veneer 86.9%
3. Garage Door Replacement 84.0%
4. Siding Replacement (vinyl) 82.2%
5. Deck Addition (wood) 80.1%
6. Attic Bedroom 79.9%
7. Window Replacement (vinyl) 75.0%
8. Minor Kitchen Remodel 74.9%
9. Window Replacement (wood) 72.9%
10. Roofing Replacement 69.7%

Certain home improvements may bring additional value. For example, replacing an entry door or windows with more energy efficient models can help reduce energy use and lower heating and cooling costs; and adding vinyl siding will eliminate the thousands of dollars spent in painting wood siding every few years.

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