Avoid These Three Siding Mistakes

Are you sick of painting your old wood siding every few years? Is your existing siding warped or in disrepair? You may need new siding for your home. And with winter right around the corner, there couldn’t be a better time to tackle this project. Quality siding, when installed correctly, can handle winds of up to 110 mph, which is good to know given that we live in New England.

However, flying debris and age can also affect your home’s exterior siding, so if you think you will need new siding repair or installation before winter comes, don’t hesitate to reach out to Hi-Tech, while making sure not to make these common siding mistakes.

Mistake #1: Poor Waterproofing Barrier

It’s a fact that siding that hasn’t been installed with a sufficient waterproofing barrier will fail at some point, allowing water to get inside and lead to leaks in your home. You’re spending a lot of money on your new siding. The waterproof barrier must be of high quality as well, or the siding quality really doesn’t matter.

Make a point to ask your siding professional what kind of waterproofing barrier they use in their siding. Do your research to ensure it’s a quality brand with a solid reputation. Ask the technician about their best practices when it comes to the installation of such barriers.

Mistake #2: Insufficient Insulation Between Siding and Home

When there is little to no insulation between your siding and the home, you can experience a rise in energy bills, lack of consistent comfort in your home through the seasons, and increased noise from the outdoors. Proper siding insulation is:

  • More comfortable and energy efficient
  • Quieter
  • Better for a long-term return on investment (insulated siding has an ROI of about 77 percent)
  • Better for curb appeal (can add up to 20 percent to your property value)
  • More durable

Mistake #3: Poor Installation That Voids Manufacturer’s Warranty

This mistake goes hand in hand with trying to install your own siding. Keep in mind, poor installation will void the manufacturer’s warranty, meaning you aren’t protected later on if you have problems with the material or if the siding wasn’t installed in the proper way.

You may think about all the money you could save on labor by installing your own siding. And in a perfect world, this might make sense. But it’s not a perfect world. You run the risk of installing it incorrectly, leading to premature failure and great expense. Or you could get hurt while up on the ladder. Or it could take months to finish the project, as opposed to a few days or a week with a professional.

These are all great reasons why it’s just better to hire a pro. Even then, you have to be diligent in finding a reputable contractor – one who will follow manufacturer’s warranties to a T. Many manufacturer warranties don’t cover improperly-fastened siding, for example. Workmanship is everything.

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