Sure Signs Your Siding is Past It’s Prime

Your siding is a vital component of your home’s exterior. It covers the largest part of your exterior walls, which means that aside from making your home look even more beautiful, it also provides an extra layer of protection against the elements. As crucial to the look and feel of your home is it is, … Continued

Schedule Fall Roof Inspection Now!

As the summer slowly winds down and back-to-school shopping starts, the time has come to start preparing your home for Fall. First step: schedule a roof inspection. Once the kids are back in school and the leaves start to fall, it can be easy to forget about your roof. But scheduling a roof inspection for … Continued

Summer is the Best Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Your roof has survived another long Fall and Winter in New England, but do you know if it has escaped unscathed? Having your roof inspected by a certified professional this Summer is the best way to uncover any glaring issues that could become more serious when the colder months return. These are some common issues … Continued

Things to Do Now to Prevent Ice Dams This Winter

  Ice dams form when snow piles up on your roof and begins to melt from heat that radiates from your attic. This melting snow runs down towards the edges of your roof, where the temperature drops and the water freezes again. That frozen water builds up and forms ice dams. There are a few … Continued

New Windows Now, Lower Heating Costs Later

  The Department of Energy Resources estimates that the average cost of heating your home during this year’s winter in Massachusetts will range from $697 to $2,569, depending on your method of heating. The DOE also estimates that a typical home loses more than 25% of its energy through inefficient windows. If your windows are … Continued

Prepare Your Roof for the Coming Winter

It is never too early to start preparing your home for winter, especially after the kind of winters we’ve been experiencing in New England. Here are some helpful tips for preparing your roof to stand up to whatever Mother Nature throws at it this winter. Insulate Your Attic In the colder winter months, the inside … Continued

We Made the “Remodeling 550” List!

For the first time ever, Hi-Tech Windows & Siding has been named to Remodeling magazine’s list of 550 top home improvement contractors. The Remodeling 550 is a list of the largest remodeling and home improvement companies based on residential remodeling revenue. The list groups remodeling companies into four major categories: full-service, replacement or specialty, insurance … Continued

Will Your Home Stand Strong in Stormy Weather?

The New England storm season is quickly approaching, bringing with it heavy rains, high winds, and other harmful weather elements with it. We may not be famous for them, but we certainly see our share of hurricane-like conditions, which can wreak havoc on your home. Storm damage to your roof and the walls of your … Continued

The Many Advantages of Insulated Siding

Homeowners throughout the country are seeing the added benefits that insulated vinyl siding offers over traditional siding materials. Offering the same durability and low-maintenance features as traditional vinyl siding, insulated vinyl siding offers an increased energy efficiency that helps homeowners to save on energy bills year ‘round.  Take a Load Off Your Heating & Cooling … Continued

How a New Front Door Can Transform Your Home

Studies show that the very first aspect of your home that people notice is the entry door. Whether they are visiting, looking to purchase your home, or just passing by, your entry door gives them an initial impression of your property as a whole. What does your current entry door say about your home? Has … Continued

There is No “One-Size-Fits-All” When it Comes to Windows

Anyone can purchase replacement windows off the shelf at their local hardware store. In fact, many contractors will do just that when replacing windows in a home, fitting these pre-fabricated windows into a window opening any way they can. This “one-size-fits-all” method of window replacement leads to shoddy installations, poor energy efficiency, and often damages … Continued

No Roofing System is Complete Without Quality Gutters

Most homeowners understand that they need gutters. But many don’t understand just how important their gutter system’s role is to the overall structural health of their home. Without a quality gutter system you could be opening up your home to dangerous water damage from top to bottom. Your gutter system is designed to collect rainwater that runs … Continued

A Hi-Tech Deck: All the Comforts of Home

Your standard, traditional deck is fairly straightforward. It’s a platform, generally attached to the home, that may have handrails and steps leading up to it. Simple stuff. But there’s nothing simple about a Hi-Tech deck! The latest innovation in deck design, a Hi-Tech deck offers a number of options that your standard deck cannot. These … Continued

Why is Fiber Cement the Fastest Growing Siding Choice in America?

It’s no secret that new siding offers tremendous benefits for any home. Enhancing the look of your home, improving energy efficiency, and reducing maintenance needs are just three reasons to wrap your home in new siding. But once you make the decision to invest in a siding project you will face an important question: Which … Continued