Why a Professional Roof Inspection is Important This Spring

Now that Spring has arrived, you should get your roof inspected. This is mainly to ensure your roof made it through winter unscathed. Moisture in the form of rain and snow can do a lot of damage to a roof, especially when it comes to the freeze-thaw cycle that occurs when moisture seeps into cracks … Continued

5 Choices for New Windows

When it comes to choosing replacement windows for your home, there are several factors to take into consideration in order to make the best decision. From window type to trim, here are the five main factors that go into the selection of new windows. 1.    Window Type First off, you need to know what type … Continued

Get Your Roof Ready for Spring Rains

Spring is coming and you need to be prepared for what it brings: rain. While all that extra water is great for your garden, it can do a number on your home’s exterior. From clearing your gutters to getting a professional roof inspection, there are steps you can take now to ensure your roof gets … Continued

How to Keep Your Home Project on Budget

From careful planning to quality materials, there are many components that go into a successful home project. Whether you’re installing new siding or replacement windows, building a new deck, or replacing your home’s roof, you should follow a methodical approach to keeping your home improvement project on budget. Here are some tips. Start With a … Continued

4 Signs You Need New Siding

Your siding encounters a lot of wear and tear on a daily basis, from heat and cold to impact from blown objects and more. Over time, your siding’s role in protecting your home could be compromised, especially if you never perform any preventive maintenance. Your siding should be water resistant, provide insulation, and add curb … Continued

Spotting Moisture Damage to Your Roof…

Even if it’s not leaking! Did you know that there are many signs of moisture damage to your roof that don’t involve obvious leaks and running water? Addressing water damage to your roof before it starts to leak is imperative. This could save you a lot of hassle and expense later. The key is to … Continued

4 Signs You Need Exterior Remodeling

Remodeling the exterior of your house will add both monetary and aesthetic value to your property. From peeling paint to drooping gutters, the outside of your home may be in need of a makeover. Now’s a great time to start planning such a project. Let’s take a look at the four main signs that you … Continued

New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Now that the New Year is here, it’s a time of making promises for January and beyond. You likely make resolutions for your health, finances and relationships, but what about your house? If there has been a project you’ve been meaning to do, from new siding to roofing, now’s the time to start planning. Even … Continued

Decorating Your Home’s Exterior Safely

With the holidays well upon us, you’re likely tasked with the joy of decorating the home. From stringing up lights to adding Santa figures to the front lawn, there’s lots to do in preparation for the holiday season. However, don’t rush through the tasks – there’s a way to do it all safely, while protecting … Continued

5 Ways to Help Your Roof Last Longer

A new roof is one of the biggest investments you as a homeowner will make in your home and property.  So it’s natural that you would want to extend the lifespan of your roof as much as possible. Here are five tips to keep your roof looking and functioning great throughout the years so you … Continued

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