Almost Time for a Spring Home Check Up!

Will this long, cold, snow-filled winter ever end? The answer is, “Of course!” And, once the snow finally stops falling and temperatures begin to rise, we’ll have the opportunity to assess the damage that the brutal weather has caused to our homes.

When it is safe to do so you should follow this “DO’s and DON’Ts” checklist to evaluate the wear and tear caused by the winter, and judge the overall condition of your home.


• Do a “walk around” looking for missing or damaged shingles or siding panels, loose or missing trim, damaged shrubbery, etc. Make note of the location of each problem area.
• Do look for cracked window panes (especially in remote locations like basements or attics), or loose and rattling panes. Check window trim to make sure it is has not worked loose during the winter.
• Do inspect the outside of chimneys (from ground level) for cracks, gaps, and loose bricks or masonry.
• Do clear away debris like fallen branches and dried leaves from around the foundation of your house.

• Don’t climb up on your roof, which may be covered with old leaves and pine needs and be quite slippery. Call a professional to do a spring roof inspection to look for loose or missing shingles, loose flashing, gutter problems, and clogged vents.
• Don’t attempt to clear blocked gutters or downspouts yourself. You may damage the material or loosen seams. Have gutters and downspouts professionally cleaned early in the spring so that they will be able to handle the expected volume of rain in April and May.
• Don’t try to inspect the higher sections of your chimney. Have the roofing company look over chimneys during their roof inspection.
• Don’t put off your home inspection until summer. The issues outlined above, if not corrected and repaired, could leave you open to weather damage during the spring.

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