5 Signs You Need New Siding

If your house has been looking a little tired lately, it could need a facelift. New siding is the perfect solution to restore the former glory of your home. Peeling paint…fading…chipping…rot…you may experience all of these things with your old siding. If it’s time for a makeover, siding is a great home improvement project that will increase your property value.

Check out these five signs you need new siding.

  1. Hail damage: Hail can cause a lot of problems, from chipping to denting to cracking. Your siding can be compromised by excessive hail damage, to the point that it no longer serves its protective purpose.
  2. Bubbling siding: This happens when water has been trapped between the siding and the structure. Water buildup is a serious concern, as your siding was designed to repel moisture and keep your home dry. Whether due to a defective product or sub-par installation, the presence of water can lead to costly issues down the road.
  3. Rising energy costs: Your siding should be protecting your home against extreme temperature swings. If your heating and cooling bills are rising and you can’t pinpoint any other obvious cause, it could be that your siding is lacking sufficient insulation to keep your home comfortable.
  4. Mold and mildew: Have you been noticing mold, mildew and fungus growing on your siding? This doesn’t always mean you need replacement; it could just mean you need some maintenance, such as a soft pressure wash to remove it. However, if you consistently neglect maintenance on your siding, that mildew and mold can get more invasive and get into your walls.
  5. Interior peeling paint: Moisture can lead to peeling of your wallpaper and paint, another sign your siding isn’t doing its job. Taking care of this now will ensure the wood under your siding won’t rot, or at least get worse.

It’s important to call a professional for an estimate and inspection. The experts here at Hi-Tech Windows and Siding can tell if you need a repair, maintenance service or a total replacement.

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