How New Siding Can Give Your Home a Facelift

Does your house lack that certain curb appeal that all your neighbors seem to have? Well, perhaps you just need some new siding to spruce things up. Maybe you currently have wood siding that’s rotting, buckling and peeling paint. Or maybe you have vinyl siding that came with the house you bought decades ago and … Continued

What Makes an Entry Door Energy Efficient?

Have your energy bills gotten out of control? Do you feel a draft every time you walk by your front door in the house? It may be time for new entry doors for your home. Not only does this do wonders for your curb appeal, it helps to better insulate your property against the extreme … Continued

The Importance of Underlayment on a New Roof

All new roofs need an underlayment, which is a membrane applied to the plywood — or deck — of your roof. It provides an extra layer of waterproof protection prior to the installation of shingles. It resembles a long thin tarp beneath your shingles, made of heavy black felt paper featuring an asphalt layer on … Continued

Keep Your Vinyl Siding Looking Its Best

If you have siding on your home, you know how easy it is to take care of it. But even vinyl needs some TLC every once in a while so it stays looking new over the years. Perhaps you have been noticing that your siding looks discolored or even a little green.  This could be … Continued

Fall Home Inspection Checklist

With fall around the corner, it’s time to think about preparing your property for the colder weather. From roofing and siding to windows and storm doors, check out this handy fall inspection checklist to run through so you know when you need to hire a pro for repairs. 1.    Remove Garden Hoses Take off all … Continued

3 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Roof

From trimming back trees to addressing minor issues quickly, there are a few key steps you can take to help extend your roofing system’s lifespan. You want your roof to last as long as it can, as roof replacement is a big investment. By maintaining your roof and regularly making necessary repairs, you can keep … Continued

5 Ways to Tell if You Need a New Roof

If you aren’t sure how long you’ve had your roof, or it’s looking a little battered, you may be wondering how to tell if it’s time for a new one. From constantly missing shingles to inconsistent colors, there are some telltale signs that you may need a new roof in Methuen. 1.    Frequent Leaks Many … Continued

Making Your Home More Comfortable and Energy Efficient This Fall

As we face the cooler temperatures of fall, it’s important to start thinking now about how you can make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. Who doesn’t want to save money on energy bills or walk around their home in comfort instead of bundling up? Here are some tips for increased comfort and savings … Continued

Composite vs. Wood Decks

When thinking about a new deck this summer, you may be going back and forth between composite decking vs. wood decking. It’s a tough choice but cost may be the deciding factor – at least this year. In some areas of the country, what would have cost you $25 a square foot before for wood … Continued

How a Soffit System Benefits Your Roof

Soffit systems are integral parts of roofs, as they protect both your roof and walls as well as add beauty to your home. They form the underbelly of your eaves or gables, which is the space spanning between the wall of your home and the edge of your roof. You may not have a soffit … Continued