Common Traits of Top Roofing Contractors

Roofers are everywhere. The market is flooded with them. While this availability of roofing companies in our area gives you more flexibility and choice, it can also pose a challenge: how do you know you’re choosing the best roofing company for your needs? It’s as simple as heeding the common traits of top roofing contractors. … Continued

How to Prevent Ice Dams this Winter

Winter weather can be harsh, but, as seasoned New Englanders, we have learned how to deal with snow, ice, cold and wind. While you may have mastered shoveling, snow blowing, and ice removal from your windshield, you may be at a loss as to how to address ice dams that form along the edge of … Continued

Preparing Your Roof for Winter

As the colder temperatures of winter start to settle in, it’s time to start thinking about preparing your home’s roof for the season. It’s important to protect your house, and it all starts with the first line of defense: the roof. Preparing for the harsh reality of the looming winter season is a smart choice … Continued

Sure Signs Your Siding is Past It’s Prime

Your siding is a vital component of your home’s exterior. It covers the largest part of your exterior walls, which means that aside from making your home look even more beautiful, it also provides an extra layer of protection against the elements. As crucial to the look and feel of your home is it is, … Continued

Schedule Fall Roof Inspection Now!

As the summer slowly winds down and back-to-school shopping starts, the time has come to start preparing your home for Fall. First step: schedule a roof inspection. Once the kids are back in school and the leaves start to fall, it can be easy to forget about your roof. But scheduling a roof inspection for … Continued

Summer is the Best Time to Schedule a Roof Inspection

Your roof has survived another long Fall and Winter in New England, but do you know if it has escaped unscathed? Having your roof inspected by a certified professional this Summer is the best way to uncover any glaring issues that could become more serious when the colder months return. These are some common issues … Continued

Why Attic Ventilation is Critical for the Health of Your Roof

Many homes have attics that are stuffy and hot, sometimes crammed with storage boxes and other items that are no longer needed. But a crowded, overheated attic is a recipe for disaster. Here are three reasons why. Attics that are poorly insulated – or not insulated at all – act like a magnet to draw … Continued

Summer is the Time for Siding!

There are a lot of theories as to what time of year is right for siding installation. Truth be told, siding can be installed all year ‘round if you turn to a professional siding contractor. But if you have been considering installing new siding all year, this Summer could be the perfect time to make … Continued

5 Advantages of Fiber Cement Siding for New England Homes

There are plenty of siding materials to choose from, each with their own unique set of benefits for the aesthetics, comfort, and value of your home. Choosing the right material for you home can be quite the undertaking and requires an in-depth look at each style. Few materials can match the structural and aesthetic benefits … Continued

Spring Roof Maintenance Tips

The last few piles of snow have melted and the flowers have started to poke their heads out of the ground, which means Spring has hit New England. As you look around your yard and assess the state of your property, don’t forget to look up! Your roof plays a valuable part in the comfort … Continued

Expand Your Home this Spring with a New Deck!

No matter the size of your home, there are times when you just need a little more space. Whether you’re planning a graduation party, a cookout, or just a large family dinner, a comfortable outdoor space is the perfect addition. Adding a large deck or patio to your home gives you the room you need … Continued

Time for a Spring Home Check-Up!

It’s been a long winter, but thankfully an end is in sight. Spring has just about reached New England, and once temperatures begin to rise we’ll have the opportunity to assess the damage that the winter weather has caused to our homes. When it is safe to do so you should follow this checklist of … Continued

Get Your Home Ready to Sell – Even If You Are Staying!

The real estate market in Massachusetts and southern New Hampshire continues to be among the most active and competitive in the country. We are definitely in a “seller’s market” with home prices approaching all time highs. But it still takes some preparation to make sure a home is appealing to buyers and will command top … Continued

Which Home Improvements Offer the Best Value?

Any investment you make in your home’s structure and maintenance is a good one. For most of us a home is our most important asset, and maintaining and enhancing it is the best way to help sustain or grow its value. But not all improvements offer the same “return on investment.” Remodeling magazine, a respected … Continued